Area students have had several opportunities to learn about possible future careers this week.

Over 2,500 high school sophomores attended the My Success annual event held at Wyatt Park Baptist church Wednesday and Thursday. 

Kristi Bailey with the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce says the event gives students the opportunity to meet with area companies to talk about jobs available. 

“The kids are broken up into career paths based on their interests and abilities, so there’s everything from art and marketing to healthcare and manufacturing,” Bailey says. “There’s really a little bit for every kid no matter what their interest is.”

On Friday, students around the country are participating in Manufacturing Day. Bailey says, in St. Joseph, about 500 students tour manufacturing plants in town including Altec, Gray Manufacturing and Herzog.

“They get to really walk through the plants, ask questions, see what the job is really like on a day-to-day basis,” Bailey says. “These kids are usually a little older, a lot of them attend Hillyard Technical Center and so they can see what their job and career might be like after they graduate.”

Nodaway County is also participating in Manufacturing Day. Maryville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lily White says all the 8th graders in Nodaway County tour different manufacturers in Maryville, including Kawasaki, Maryville Carbon Solutions and Laclede Chain.

“Each student (gets) to visit four different manufacturers… Our industries themselves will talk about how you get into those jobs, what kind of jobs there are, if it’s a line worker to a manager level to an engineer, how each of those industries feeds into that program,” White says.

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