Suspect taken into custody in Marshall/Photo courtesy of Livingston County Sheriff’s Office


St. Joseph Post

high-speed chase ended with the arrest of a suspected violent felon, but not
until a chase by law enforcement ran through three counties, ending in Marshall.

Livingston County Sheriff’s Office reports Linn County gave it a heads up
yesterday afternoon that deputies there were in pursuit of a driver considered
dangerous and likely armed, wanted by Linn County and federal authorities in
connection with a recent armed robbery.

Wheeling, the suspect sped north of U.S. 36 Highway and nearly hit a Livingston
County Sheriff vehicle head-on. The suspect drove onto U.S. 36, heading west.

County Deputy John Stafford used spike strips to blow out the right front tire
of the pickup, but the driver kept going. Seeing additional spike strips
deployed, the suspect crossed into on-coming traffic on U.S. 36, driving west
in the east bound lanes all the way to Chillicothe, turning off to go the wrong
way on U.S. 65 Highway, heading south.

exceeded 100 miles per hour, according to the sheriff’s office. The right front
tire of the fleeing vehicle went flat and shredded off the rim near Carrollton.
Carrollton police blocked the entrances to the city as the chase continued
south on U.S. 65 into Saline County. Marshall police blocked the entrances to
that city as well. Two Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers joined the
pursuit, which ended at the south end of Marshall more than an hour after it began.
Officers took the suspect into custody.

say methamphetamine was found scattered on the driver’s seat and throughout the
interior of the pickup. The driver had thrown other material from the pickup,
according to the sheriff’s office.