Over 100,000 people recently took an online survey according to BuzzFeed that asked, “would you eat this for a billion dollars”? And yes, there are things we wouldn’t chow down on for that much dough. Here are ten questions, and how people answered . . .

1. Would you eat a whole, raw chicken that’s rotten? Only 27% would do it for a billion dollars.

2. Would you drink gallon of clean toilet water from the bowl, right after something REALLY disgusting got flushed? 44% said yes, they would.

3. Eat a large bowl of freshly clipped toenails? Only 27% would do it.

4. A plate of spaghetti with LOTS of dandruff sprinkled on it. 56% said yes.

5. A cupcake made of earwax. Only 10% would do it.

6. Drink a gallon of blood. 39% said yes. It didn’t specify whose blood.

7. Eat a very large LIVE rat? Only 7% would do it.

8. A footlong sandwich full of live cockroaches? 20% said yes.

9. A gallon of year-old expired milk. 18% would drink it for a billion dollars.

10. Would you eat your PET? 13% said yes. Wow, that’s dark.